Boston Tennis Tour


The Boston Tennis Tour brings together the top talent in the Boston area for highly competitive and exciting team-formatted matches. The 2016 season runs from June to August at various Boston area clubs.

The tour is a highly competitive tennis league where top Boston area players (many former professional) will compete in a semi-professional environment for prize money, creating a fun and competitive team environment for players and fans alike.

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Tennis Ball 101

Most of us have hit and picked up a ton of tennis balls!  Some more than others!  You know who you are…Slow, coach talking, water breaking, handful of ball picker uppers!  Oh and I can’t forget the Juniors who shoot balls like Steph Curry or so they think so…they all do the 5 pushups for missed shots!  It happens at every Academy in the world unless you have Coach’s who are guilty of being ‘No Fun!’

Well here is a video of how tennis balls are made!  A quick 3 and a 1/2 minutes of your life so you know where they come from!  Balls up in 2 minutes though!

Summer tennis
Click on the Ball for Video!

Now go hit some serves!