ACADEMY SELECT & FUTURES 1, 2 and 3 FALL 2016~Apply Now

Hope everyone is having a GREAT Summer!!

The Tennis Staff is excited for FALL Session 2016 to begin, as well as see you and your players at the club! The fall is right around the corner, and hope we hope to get your player signed up for programs as soon as possible!


WEEK ONE Academy Preview! Programs start the week of SEPTEMBER 12!

Groundstrokes Week 1

Player Expectations (Guidelines, Attendance, Sportsmanship) 

  • Groundstrokes – footwork review (neutral stance, closed stance, semi-open and open stances.
  • FH-Grips, Preparation, Hand Placement, Hitting arm position, Flip, Flexion, Extension, Wrap
  • BH- Grips, Bent, Straight, Bent-Straight, Flip, Flexion, Wrap
  • CSSS- Footwork Component Without Ball, then hand Fed
  • Mental toughness in between point management (Positive Physical Response)
  • Done during Baseline games. How to maintain composure after winning and losing points!
  • Serve Component – Footwork, Stances & Motions, Ball Toss

Featured Drills

Shoulder to Waist 6 Ball Drill, Nadal Drill CSSS (Heavy & Attacking)


Mini-Maxi, Service Games with themes of the week incorporated.

We are excited to see what our Academy Trainer Jim Perkins has in store for everyone this year!  We love the dynamic and high energy classes he brings to our program!

Coach Jim Perkins!