Starting in the Fall of 2017 KCM will usher in a new era of tennis development for our younger players with our Youth Tennis Pathway!  This is a developmental path with established competencies at each level to guide parents and players through our Junior Development Program. Ultimately, helping every junior meet their tennis goals from USTA Tournament Player to Recreational!

 Beginning with “Red Ball” youth players will progress through “Orange Ball” and “Green ball” at either the  “Developmental” or “Performance” levels before graduating to full-court “Yellow Ball” tennis. Each level contains appropriate kids-sized rackets, balls and court sizes, along with competencies to progress to higher levels.

We are confident that the pathway will not only increase confidence in our youth players, but will also provide a system that ultimately looks after the technical, tactical, physical and mental well-being of the child.



 Below we have the NEW KCM Youth Pathway: 



BELOW is the Fall 2017 Schedule!  REGISTRATION OPENS August 21st!

                       Click here to register



Below are the Competencies that our Coaches strive to instill in your player(s) to help guide them in their tennis development!   Our coaches and classes challenge your player(s) to accomplish these goals throughout each session to move ahead!  Players are promoted by Coaches or can request an Evaluation with our Head of Youth Tennis!  

JPG Youth COMpetencies


If you are interested in having your player compete in USTA Tournaments please contact us for more information!  You must be a USTA Member!  Tournaments are all over New England!

JPG Youth Pathway.jpg


Tennis is a great game and we thank you for trusting our Pro Staff with your athlete!

 KCM Tennis Staff


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